By Ryan McBurney
Dec 18, 2013

Facebook's New Donate Now Button for Nonprofits

Happy Holidays, nonprofits. Facebook has given you the best kind of holiday gift – a gift that keeps on giving. 

Wrapped in a nice little metaphorical bow, Facebook unveiled a “Donate Now” button yesterday for nonprofit Facebook fan pages.


Meant to make it easier for nonprofits to take contributions via their fan page and Facebook postings, the button will now allow organizations to accept donations in a pop-up window within the Facebook experience. Users can enter in their billing info and choose their donation amount, all without leaving Facebook.

I likeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (Borat voice)

Not only will this move help boost social media donation conversation rates, we also see this button having the power to help donation efforts go viral – largely unseen across social media at the moment. Users will now be able to share their donations across their Facebook network via newsfeed posts.

I mean, who doesn’t like to show off how awesome they are? And what better way to share to all of your friends and family that you’re a caring, compassionate individual than to post a donation to Facebook?

The “Donate Now” button is not available to everyone just yet, so some patience is required. It’s essentially being beta tested by the following 19 nonprofit partners:

Maybe the coolest part about of all of this is that Facebook is not charging a fee to process credit card donations. Facebook is actually paying the entire fee themselves so that 100% of each donation goes directly to the respective nonprofit. Whoa!

Actions speak louder than words… and this move really backs up Facebook’s determination to help nonprofit organizations making a difference in our world.

Respect, Zuckie. Respect. 

If you're a nonprofit that's interested in adding a donate button to your Facebook Page, you first have to fill out the Nonprofit Interest Form.


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