By Hannah Leigh
Mar 13, 2018

How We Helped an Environmental Nonprofit Beat Their Fundraising Goal by 50 Percent

How We Helped an Environmental Nonprofit Beat Their Fundraising Goal by 50 Percent

A few months before the giving season, we partnered with an environmental nonprofit focused on conserving public land. They were looking for a marketing partner who could elevate their digital fundraising strategy, increase online acquisitions, provide digital support and execute the program.

In just four months, we were able to:

  • Consistently beat their fundraising goals month-over-month by 50 percent
  • Raise $1 million in revenue in December
  • Add more than 81,000 leads to their email list through lead acquisition campaigns

So, how did we do it?

We started by auditing their existing fundraising efforts and finding areas where we could make quick improvements – for instance, we optimized their email templates to be mobile friendly (a little thing that makes a BIG impact!) and updated their tracking in Google Analytics to better monitor conversions. We then developed 30-, 60- and 90-day strategies to tackle bigger projects and meet their year-end fundraising goals.

Keys to a successful strategy

1.   Establish structure with an editorial calendar. One of the first things we did was to organize our efforts by creating an editorial calendar that scheduled email send dates and start and end dates for all of our channel campaigns (including Facebook, Adwords, Bing and display campaigns).

2.   Deploy multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns with a consistent message and design. We then implemented a proven fundraising strategy featuring multiple campaign touchpoints, including social, email, display and search. It’s essential to use consistent design and messaging and clear calls to action as you guide users through the conversion funnel.

3.   Segment audiences strategically. Rather than blast audiences with broad messaging, we developed targeted segments based on audience behavior. So we could send more relevant messages to each segment, which increased conversions and lowered costs per lead.

4.   Constantly optimize messaging and creative. A campaign that works one week may bomb the next. For that reason, we deployed A/B testing to keep our campaign content and creative fresh and optimize toward the most successful ads.

5.   Leverage current events. A huge aspect of success this giving season was our ability to connect donation appeals to current events that were threatening the environment. We produced creative assets in advance so they were ready to launch as soon as relevant news stories broke, and we leveraged media coverage to cultivate prospects and push them to make donations.

6.   Form a strong partnership. Throughout the campaign, we met regularly with our partners, often face-to-face, to exchange ideas, review creative and analyze results. That level of collaboration enabled everyone at the table to provide invaluable input and support. 

Strategy is at the heart of everything we do, and deploying a comprehensive strategy like the one above led to results that blew away our partner’s fundraising goal. We implemented a proven multi-channel, multi-touch approach that was organized, consistent, relevant, timely and a lot of fun. We’re excited to extend this strategy to future fundraising projects. If you want to experience that thrill, give us a call.

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