By Interactive Strategies
Jun 16, 2011

Like a Good Neighbor, Lucky Bar Is There.

Yes, we work above a bar. There are obvious albeit clichéd reasons why this could be considered a sweet work perk. And it is when you’re an office newbie. But to most of us, the Lucky Bar is like that pesky neighbor you don't want to talk to but still borrow his lawn mower. And like any good neighbor, we've gotten to know the Lucky Bar over the years. Here are seven things we’ve learned. In other words:

The Lucky 7 List

1. You can’t call yourself an Irish bar if you don’t color your kegs on St. Patty’s Day. Their green beer goes down easy. 
2. The Fried Basket O’ Fun is the closest thing to a pot of gold you’ll find in this city.
3. When you work above an Irish Bar during the World Cup, you have the pleasure of hearing the Vuvuzela all day long. Bonus: Bar usually opens at 7a.m.
4. Getting carded to get in to your office during the World Cup is super fun after a long morning commute.
5. Bike couriers (Lucky Bar is also popular with DC’s bike courier population) tell great stories and are never excessively loud.
6. When the patio furniture arrives, you know spring has arrived, which means we'll be arriving on the patio shortly.
7. You may find something floating in your drink, but you may not.

Disclaimer: We love the Lucky Bar. 

Disclaimer for Disclaimer: Disclaimer was 95% true.

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