By Ryan McBurney
Jun 27, 2014

Washington Redskins Name Change Idea

“The Washington Natives. Yea, I like that. It has a nice ring to it.”

In case you haven’t heard, our favorite football team here at IS, the Washington Redskins, is under fire for what many pundits deem to be a derogatory and racist name. Many are demanding the name to be changed. Heck, there’s even a commercial for it.

While we all differ here about whether we think the word is truly as bad as people are claiming, we all tend to agree on one fact: That due to the ongoing backlash, the name will eventually have to change.

Even with many pro-Redskins supporters, the team simply cannot take this heat for much longer. They are, unfortunately, on the wrong side of history. As a life-long Redskins fan who’s experienced the (very few) highs like RG3’s rookie year and Clinton Portis interviews, to the (very many) lows like Danny Wuerffel and Sean Taylor’s tragic death, this is a huge bummer. But… it’s the truth of the matter.

Enter, Corey Johnson – our brilliant Art Director. While talking to a friend earlier this week about exactly this, a name popped into his head. And it stuck.

The Washington Natives.

He then told me about the name the next day.  And it stuck. It was a name that we both really liked. The more we talked about it, the better it sounded and the more it made sense. For two hardcore Redskins fans, that’s hard to accomplish.

We both like the name “Natives” for several reasons:

• We see the term “Native” as uplifting and positive. By its definition, the term means, “belonging to a particular place by birth.” When capitalized and used as a Noun (as we're suggesting), it means, “elating to, or being a member of an aboriginal people of North or South America.” With definitions in mind, we believe the name can be seen as one that commemorates our heritage and history as a country, and one that acknowledges the people who have lived here for thousands of years to help make our land what it is today. If taken to another degree, it can even honor DC-born-and-raised natives who show their support every year.

• It allows the team to keep the same brand, including the logo. See below for what we mean. The only real difference is the actual name. Why? Because we don’t see the logo as the problem – we see the actual name “Red-skins” as the culprit of all the negative backlash. By fixing the name and keeping the logo, we offer fans a way to keep the tradition of the burgundy and gold alive, while still appeasing passionate critics.

• No other team has this name. There are many teams out there with Native American-related names – Chiefs, Indians, Braves, etc. - but this particular name will be unique to DC and its fanbase.

• The name is two syllables. Why is this important? Because of our oh-so-excellent fight song, Hail to the Redskins. Due to having identical syllables, changing out Redskins for Natives does not alter the song. It can still be sung after Desean Jackson scores three TDs against the Eagles this year. #HTTN?

It’s not these awful, awful names.

• Nick Foles looks like Napolean Dynamite. Is this relevant? No. Is it important to mention? Depends on who you ask.

Once the name “Natives” got stuck in his head, Corey got rolling on creating different designs for the new name. Check out his work below.

Do you like the name and design cocepts? Do you think "Natives" is a good solution? Or are you totally against us? Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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