Digital Marketing Manager

Join an industry-leading, fast-growing marketing team that’s partnering with our non-profit, association and B2B clients to make a difference for wildlife conservation, cancer research and other causes you can get behind. As a Digital Marketing Manager, you’ll lead by example while helping our team members grow through your knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, trends, tools and all that good stuff.

The ideal candidate is self-motivated, highly focused, and can work at a strategic level while also executing on a tactical level. You offer a strong background in a broad range of channels, including Facebook advertising, Google and Bing advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and analytics. You bring together an eye for impactful, creative development and storytelling – with a natural ability to communicate your vision and execute your ideas.

About Us

We’re a full-service digital agency in the heart of Washington, DC. Founded in 2001, we wanted to bring a strategy-based approach to digital development and marketing campaigns. Our marketing team leverages multi-channel, multi-touch strategies to create online engagement and ultimately, leads generated, money raised or members joined. We’ve partnered with amazing clients – including Special Olympics, Wilderness Society, Defenders of Wildlife, Red Cross, Lupus Foundation, ASCO and ACOG.


Talent and passion matter more than long resumes, but here’s the type of skills we’re looking for:



Our company culture and benefits are designed to support a simple idea: "Everyone deserves to come to work and be happy." We give our employees creative freedom. We treat them with respect. We value their opinions. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

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Everyone deserves to come to work & be happy

This means we
  1. Find the strengths in each employee and nurture them
  2. Encourage a culture that values innovation and creative freedom
  3. Care as much about quality as we do about budgets
  4. Want you to have fun and enjoy what you do
  5. Understand you have a life outside of work
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