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At Interactive Strategies, our developers are the glue that unite great design with solid technology. We're looking for candidates who understand that front-end development is about more than CSS and Javascript skills, but creativity and attention to detail. We involve our developers in all aspects of our projects – therefore we’re looking for self-starters and passionate thinkers who can provide valuable ideas upfront and ensure that design concepts can be implemented effectively. We don’t use bloated frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation and pride ourselves on delivering lean, sleek web experiences.

Who are we? We're a well-respected interactive agency in downtown DC. Known for our deep strategic thinking, we create comprehensive web experiences that span across channels (web, mobile and social). Innovation is at the core of our colleague relationships and client work – not just for the sake of innovation, but to elevate the end users’ experiences and exceed our clients’ unique goals.


As a front-end developer at Interactive Strategies, we care most about the passion and talent you bring to the table. With that said, we would like you to have the following experience:

Highly Desired:

NOTE: To be considered for this position, you MUST include a link to your portfolio in your resume or cover letter.

Qualities You Possess:

While we value your front-end development skills, your ability to thrive in our environment is equally as important. That said, we’re looking for a candidate with the following characteristics:



We have a simple motto when it comes to company culture, "Everyone deserves to come to work and be happy." This means a few things: (1) we care as much about quality as we do about budgets, (2) we find the strengths in each employee and nurture them, (3) we encourage a culture that values innovation and creative freedom, and (4) we want you to have fun while you’re at the office . We may be an agency, but we understand that you have a life outside of work.


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Everyone deserves to come to work & be happy

This means we
  1. Find the strengths in each employee and nurture them
  2. Encourage a culture that values innovation and creative freedom
  3. Care as much about quality as we do about budgets
  4. Want you to have fun and enjoy what you do
  5. Understand you have a life outside of work
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