College Intern: Business Operations -- Spring, Summer & Fall

Interactive Strategies is a boutique digital agency whose strength lies in understanding the complex relationship that exists between strategy, design, content, usability, technology and marketing. By addressing each of these areas equally, we create meaningful web experiences that provide a measurable return for our clients.

With that said, we aim to create the best environment for our team so we can not only work as efficiently as possible, but also so everyone feels like they are a part of the IS family. We truly believe in the phrase on our office mural that reads, “Everyone deserves to come to work and be happy.” This is why your manager’s role is “Chief of Staff and Happiness.”

We are looking for an intern who takes initiative, is tenacious and has a can-do attitude. You will be assigned both new and ongoing tasks, and your job will require strong problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt on the move.

Because you help keep the office running day to day, your role is incredibly important, and you need to be consistent and detail-oriented with each assignment you are given.

Below is a list of some of your responsibilities as a business operations intern. You will be working with the Chief of Staff and Happiness to:


Candidates must be enrolled as an undergraduate student in the Washington, DC area. We do not require that you be studying a specific major, so long as you exhibit the skills and traits listed above.

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Everyone deserves to come to work & be happy

This means we
  1. Find the strengths in each employee and nurture them
  2. Encourage a culture that values innovation and creative freedom
  3. Care as much about quality as we do about budgets
  4. Want you to have fun and enjoy what you do
  5. Understand you have a life outside of work
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