Senior Digital Fundraising Manager

Are you a digital fundraiser looking to implement highly strategic and innovative fundraising programs for meaningful non-profits? Do you value comprehensive, integrated strategies that take full advantage of a range digital channels, including email, search, display, mobile and social media? If yes, we’d love to meet you!

Interactive Strategies is a full-service digital agency based in Washington, DC that has quickly established itself as a leading fundraising shop. Three years ago, we set out to leverage our fifteen years of work in the commercial space and apply it to the non-profit sector where we could make a difference. We’ve partnered with amazing clients – including Special Olympics, Wilderness Society, Red Cross, Lupus Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Society – who took a chance on an agency that wanted to explore new ideas in digital fundraising; an agency that brings strong creative and digital storytelling to an industry that had become staid; an agency that leverages multi-channel, multi-touch strategies to bring strong improvements in online engagement and ultimately, money raised.

Our ideal candidate is self-motivated, highly focused, and capable of working at a strategic level while simultaneously executing on a tactical level. We’re looking for someone with a strong background in a broad range of verticals and channels, including digital fundraising, social media advertising, paid search, email marketing, search engine optimization and analytics. The person in this position will be involved in the growth of our entire marketing department, so we are looking for a candidate who is able to lead by example, while providing instruction and education to other team members.

Talent and passion matter more to us than years of experience, but here’s the type of experience we’re looking for:


Qualities you bring to the table...


We have a simple motto when it comes to company culture, "Everyone deserves to come to work and be happy." This means a few things: (1) we care as much about quality as we do about budgets, (2) we find the strengths in each employee and nurture them, (3) we encourage a culture that values innovation and creative freedom, and (4) we want you to have fun while you’re at the office . We may be an agency, but we understand that you have a life outside of work.


We allow our employees creative freedom. We treat them with respect. We value their opinions. In that spirit, we offer the following benefits:

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Everyone deserves to come to work & be happy

This means we
  1. Find the strengths in each employee and nurture them
  2. Encourage a culture that values innovation and creative freedom
  3. Care as much about quality as we do about budgets
  4. Want you to have fun and enjoy what you do
  5. Understand you have a life outside of work
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