The British are Coming

After fostering a dedicated community of established users, we helped Acorn TV crush their next challenge—to broaden their audience and double their membership.

And… Action!

To get to market quickly and capitalize on ACORN TV’s natural momentum, we greatly accelerated our process. Within the first few days of engagement we launched a series of sophisticated ads across multiple digital platforms. This shift to holistic, multi-channel targeting, along with elevated design, immediately helped distinguish Acorn TV from the homogenous sea of streaming services.

A Command Performance

Initially, this adaptive approach enabled us to integrate real-time user behavior into our greater strategy, but—simply put—it also proved to be quite effective. Our efforts rapidly increased reach, while reducing CPA month-over-month. Benefiting from ongoing analytics, targeting has continually improved, and iterations of these ads are performing well to-date.

Elevating the Story

We understand the importance of using the latest tools and media advances to capture the attention of an audience and tell an authentic story. So when Facebook announced Canvas, an immersive mobile experience, we knew it would be a perfect fit. Paying homage to the iconic storytelling synonymous with ACORN TV, we created a Canvas mobile experience to promote the absorbing police drama 19-2. By offering in-the-moment value, it generated greater Facebook engagement than any prior promotion.

To be continued...

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