American Society of Clinical Oncology

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the largest national association for oncologists and cancer researchers, partnered with us to expand their social media footprint and further establish ASCO as a leader in cancer care and research.

Strategic Alignment Across Social Channels

We conducted a comprehensive social media audit for ASCO and their two sister brands, Cancer.Net and Conquer Cancer Foundation. The audit informed everything from campaign concepts to the brand’s voice and tone to day-to-day tactics.

Amplify the ASCO Annual Meeting and Drive Revenue

The ASCO Annual Meeting brings together over 30,000 of the world’s best oncology professionals. In order to promote the breakout discoveries of the conference and promote ASCO’s video streaming service, we delivered targeted social media advertisements to event participants and online users following the event from afar. 

Increase Social Media Footprint and Audience

We implemented a Facebook audience growth campaign that was hyper-targeted to oncologists and cancer researchers across the US. By launching a three-phased campaign with different ad versions for doctors, researchers, and users interested in medical journals, we were able to grow ASCO’s audience in a cost-effective and quality-controlled manner. 

Augment Industry Leadership

In an effort to augment the amazing research and information that ASCO publishes, we created targeted, multi-channel campaigns for two annual reports – The Clinical Care Advances Report and the State of Cancer Care in America. 

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