Building a Legacy

Nationally recognized for their local vision and industry expertise, DAVIS Construction stands out from their competition—and they needed their website to do the same. It was up to us to build a site that would showcase their breadth of work, attract top talent, and demonstrate the DAVIS difference.

Elevating an Established Brand

As the region's leading general contractor, DAVIS knows when it's time to demolish a site and start anew. But this time it wasn't a building in need of an overhaul—it was their website. So they opted for information architects, instead of traditional architects, and trusted our team to translate their well-defined offline brand into an enduring online experience.

Crafting Content by Digging Deep

DAVIS’ extensive, multi-dimensional projects needed to stand as the foundation of their site. To achieve this, we took a content-first approach—enlisting our copywriters to conduct nearly 70 interviews with key stakeholders from each project. By gaining this deep understanding of DAVIS’ work, we were able to create a truly immersive experience across every case study. 

Flexible Technology. Full Control.

Through intelligent design and highly flexible Drupal development techniques, the entire site is based on interchangeable components—allowing for nearly infinite scalability and customization that will serve DAVIS for the next generation. To further improve usability and increase time on site, we used unique hover effects, thoughtful parallax, and faceted search to visually guide users through the DAVIS story. 

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