Edelman Financial Services

Led by Ric Edelman, TV and radio show host and best-selling author, Edelman Financial Services is the country’s #1 independent financial advisor. We designed a site that leverages his reputation while showcasing the firm’s ability to help you succeed financially at every life stage.

Financial Advice That Fits Your Life

Through our deep strategy process, we discovered the vast majority of people looking for financial planning were driven to do so by a major life event, such as buying a house, getting married, putting children through college or preparing for retirement.  Therefore, these life events became a central theme to the content and site organization.


Make It Fresh & Friendly

Fear and anxiety are major obstacles to tackling your financials.  Inspired by the voice and tone Ric takes in his books, TV  and radio shows, our strategy included a colorful, light-hearted design incorporating playful, yet informative illustrations, quotes and calls to action. 


Educate With Expert Insights

Each category in the Education Center pulls together hundreds of articles written by experts at the firm, plus related topic-based clips from Ric’s radio and TV programs. Simplicity and usability was essential, enabling users to scan and sort resources in an easy interface.


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