A Website Transformation that’s Helping Transform Societies

Our redesign of IREX.org helped a civil society organization broadcast their holistic mission by putting their impact first—showcasing the lives they improve and the global institutions they serve.

From ‘What’ to ‘So What’

With decades of success helping nations build foundations for civil society, IREX has no shortage of stories. Their challenge lay in connecting these stories to better tell their own. So, with a deep understanding of user behavior paired with a modular Drupal 8 implementation, we designed the new site to enable IREX to curate, feature, and target their extensive content to best align organizational goals with user needs—and ultimately highlight human impact.

Connecting the Dots

To tell a more cohesive story, we created a distinct “success story” module with the flexibility to serve featured content on the homepage and key topic areas. Using intelligent taxonomy, based on analytics and user research, IREX can gather regional or topical content, creating landing pages that put stories and outcomes into context. We also elevated summaries, key facts, and a persistent sub-navigation to help visitors readily find information most relevant to them.

UI Flexibility

IREX needed a way to appear unified yet manage more than 100 project and country pages, each with different types and amounts of content. For these page templates, we created flexible news feeds and related project components that they can show or hide for each page. These are also taxonomy driven, so pages stay up to date automatically as content is produced.

A Fresh Look for the Modern World

Born of the post-Soviet democratization of Eastern Europe, the IREX logo no longer captured the breadth of their mission. And the color palette of burgundy, black, and gray, likewise, needed to better reflect the organization’s global spirit. Interactive Strategies drew color inspiration from the strong hues found in traditional cloths of Africa and Asia. For the logo, we referenced the globe, layering it with communications bands representing the dialogs IREX helps create.

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