For over five years we have partnered with MAXIMUS on dozens of digital initiatives. Core to all of our projects is to communicate their expertise and dedication to the communities in which they serve, echoing their mission: "Helping Government Serve the People."

Shining a Light on MAXIMUS

MAXIMUS is the world's largest provider of health and human service solutions available to federal, state and local governments in the United States and around the world. But many people were unaware of their impact.

When we first engaged with MAXIMUS in 2009 our challenge was to provide intuitive access to an array of consultation services, while conveying a company-wide dedication to its mission. We created an intuitive navigation structure that anticipated users' goals and guided them to the content they needed. We strategically used photography to portray the citizens served by MAXIMUS, and paired it with messaging to reinforce the company's dedication to the community. And we implemented a Drupal CMS to make content management easy.

Helping MAXIMUS Go Global

Our second redesign elevated the digital experience on multiple levels. From a technology standpoint, we implemented a responsive design and updated the Drupal platform.  Through a comprehensive content strategy we also helped MAXIMUS communicate their evolving mission to public service around the globe through social media outlets and a blog.

Content Strategy

For the first redesign our content strategy focused on extending the message, "Helping Government Serve the People." Equally important was helping staff understand the new message platform and be able to develop content for the new site. So we conducted a Web Content Workshop where we discussed the new message, editorial tone and goals and elements of effective online content. We offered our copywriting services as well, developing content across the website. For the second redesign, we helped MAXIMUS re-craft its content strategy for the web, social media and its new blog. They also charged us with developing high-level brand messaging.

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