Making Members Feel Special

NAFCU is all about serving and creating value for member. Our job was to create a website that allowed them to do this.

Leaning Into the Future

When content and design come together, it tells a powerful story. We featured NAFCU’s three pillars at the top of the homepage and used an angle motif to illustrate that NAFCU is leaning forward toward the future.

Rock Your Roles

NAFCU had traditionally served supervisors but wanted to expand their audience with the new website. We created role-based areas of the site and packed them with meaningful content and tools, like certifications, for each role.

Clean Up Your Act

NAFCU has a wealth of valuable content, but members weren’t able to find it. So we did some overdue housekeeping. We assessed more than 10,000 content items, eliminated the clutter and carefully organized the remainder so members could find valuable resources easier. Then we highlighted critical news updates that give members a reason to visit every morning on their commute.

Put It All Together

NAFCU’s old website ran on multiple platforms, which made managing and updating it difficult. We streamlined their technology, put them on a single CMS, automated a number of components, and integrated services like email marketing. Now they have an elegant website that’s a cinch to maintain.

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