Bekki Welter

Chief of Staff and Happiness

Bekki is our Chief of Staff and Happiness here at IS, which means that she really does everything. Keeps the office running? Check. Can solve any problem? Check. Loves a good checklist? Check. Bekki works hard to keep the staff happy and fix any issues they may be having so that they can be the best they can be. She has a gift for predicting problems before they happen and making changes to avoid a bad outcome.

Bekki inspires us that there is no challenge that we can’t overcome, just by walking around the office. About ten years ago, Bekki had a virus that attacked her spinal cord and she lost the use of her legs. But after two year of hard work and physical therapy, she’s back on her feet with a new perspective on life.

When Bekki isn’t in the office, you can find her working for her 11-year-old daughter in her dog walking business. In the downtime she loves a good 1,000-piece puzzle with her friends. See? Problem solving is in Bekki’s blood.

Philosophy, Ethics and Law Emphasis, University of Washington

(202) 223-8656