Ben Voynick

Open-Source Developer

A lifelong tinkerer, Ben grew up building computers out of his dad’s spare computer parts. He’s now an expert at building websites out of solid code he develops in Drupal and Wordpress.

Ben will be responsible for building new client sites, implementing new functionality to existing sites and supporting other development needs such as fixing bugs. Prior to joining IS, Ben developed websites at ICF International and Discovery Education, doing both front-end HTML and back-end PHP. Throughout his career, Ben has worn many hats in the IT world, building a broad knowledge base that makes him a skilled problem solver.

Ben earned a degree in sociology from Clark University, where he studied how people and societies work as systems. When not making things work better, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and pets, playing games and enjoying sci-fi.

B.A., Sociology, Clark University

(202) 223-8656