Brett Weisband

Digital Marketing Manager

You might be surprised when you meet Brett Weisband. He’s a creative with a deep respect for analytics. He’s a former sports journalist now working in mission-oriented marketing. Oh, and he has a pet turtle.

Brett is a digital marketing manager with more than 10 years of professional experience working for a variety of agencies and media organizations. His skillset includes a bit of everything: strategic thinking, writing and content development, analysis, and interfacing with clients. As a member of our marketing team, he is essential in conducting advanced analytics that drive performance of our client objectives. He particularly enjoys supporting organizations that affect positive change in the world.

Outside the office, Brett likes to hike, practice yoga, go to concerts, and watch the Sixers. He’s also a voracious Harry Potter fan who has re-read the series dozens of times. PS: The turtle’s name is Rufus. You should definitely ask him about her(or his cat, Duncan).

B.A., Journalism and Mass Communications, University of South Carolina

(202) 223-8656