Chelsea LaMastra

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Originally from Connecticut, Chelsea came to DC for college, fell in love with the city, and never looked back.  After graduating from American University, she cut her teeth in digital marketing, executing PPC campaigns for clients like the American Cancer Society, HP Enterprise, and Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies.  In her time at IS, Chelsea has continued to hone her skills in digital brand building through SEM and SEO, while also venturing into new areas like social media and content strategy.

With an interest in consumer behavior and a head for numbers, Chelsea enjoys conducting audience research and investigating digital analytics to inform strategy and optimize campaigns.  She may be the only person in the digital marketing industry that actually enjoys reporting.

In her free time you can find Chelsea making meager attempts to brush up on her French skills, or trying her hand at whatever new recipe or workout she may have discovered that day.

B.S., Business Administration & Marketing, American University

(202) 223-8656