Chris DeOrzio

Senior Front-End Developer

Chris started his career in the days of the dotcoms, as both a designer and developer for an adventure travel site. With one foot in design, and the other in development, Chris was uniquely poised to see where a connection between these two areas was needed. That’s when front-end development became his focus.

With 10+ years of experience in the web field, Chris specializes in the area where design and code meet. Because of his experience in both specialties, he can understand each side and speak their respective languages fluently.

Chris is dedicated to turning design comps into interactive experiences that engage and excite users. Keeping up on all of the latest trends, including HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, he brings websites to the next level, always keeping in mind the complexity of cross browser differences.

Outside of the office Chris remains on his never-ending quest to master fingerstyle guitar. He also reads history books, watches hockey and searches for the perfect slice of pizza. Chris has never had a cup of coffee.

B.A., Communications and Advertising, West Virginia University

(202) 223-8656