Emily Fackrell

Senior Project Manager

We’re all in this together. That’s Emily’s mantra and her favorite thing about working at IS. As a senior project manager, she keeps us focused on a project’s big picture. The first thing on her mind is always client happiness, and she works hard to make sure clients always feel heard and that we meet all their expectations.

Calm, cool and collected, Emily is the level head that manages projects from beginning to end. No matter the hurdles faced, Emily can think quick and create solutions that make everyone happy. Using her experience in both agile and waterfall project management styles, she uses her skills to apply the best framework for the situation at hand. Emily’s is ready for any challenge after more than six years of experience as a project manager at WMC Global and CHIEF.

After work Emily goes home to her other full-time job: being a mom to three boys. Whether it's exploring museums, parks or the zoo, her family is always on the go. When Emily does find a little alone time, she enjoys things like reading, doing Pilates and creating new things in the kitchen.

M.A., English, Tulane University; B.A., English and Anthropology, Tulane University

(202) 223-8656