Isabel Janetos

Business Operations Intern

Isabel Janetos, or Izzy around the office, is constantly on the go. She’s a marathon runner, bartender, trivia host, extreme multi-tasker, and office coordinator extraordinaire. If something needs doing, she’s probably already doing it.

As our business operations intern, Izzy supports all the essential elements that make our office tick. She believes in constantly organizing our space and refining our processes until we’re running at optimum efficiency. Izzy is used to working in fast-paced environments, and her experience as a bartender gives her the unique ability to talk to and connect with just about anyone.

When she’s not at work, Izzy is training for her first triathlon. She also plays guitar and piano, and is a massive Bruce Springsteen fan. She claims to have listened to his music every day for the last 10 years. Favorite song: “She’s the One,” but it changes frequently based on her mood.

(202) 223-8656