Nate Mow

Lead Open-Source Developer

We like Nate so much, we’ve hired him twice. His first stint at IS began in 2010. He then spent a few years doing development work at other agencies before returning to IS in 2018 to help lead our open-source team.

With nearly 20 years’ experience doing development work, Nate has a well-rounded understanding of how to build and manage websites. He’s worked as a front-end developer, .NET developer, open-source developer, a Director of Technology, and he even ran his own shop for a while. Nate likes looking under the hood to see how clients and other developers have done something and recommending ways to improve it.

When not at work, Nate enjoys cooking, especially for other people. He loves listening to all kinds of music, visiting his local watering hole, volunteering in the open-source community and hanging out with Elijah (his dog, not the prophet).

B.S., Graphic Design, University of Evansville

(202) 223-8656