How do you get people to donate to fight hate?

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) fights hate and bigotry across the country through action, education and training. They approached us before the 2018 end-of-year (EOY) giving season to develop a plan and manage their paid social media fundraising. With a test-driven approach, we were able to drive donations and support their full fundraising program.

Learning from The Past

We began our partnership with a full review of past EOY paid social campaign data, ad creative and website analytics. This review allowed us to identify top-performing tactics, messaging and audiences to apply to the 2018 giving season. 

Getting More From an EOY Budget

Once the accelerated audit was complete, we built out the full EOY paid social plan with budgeting, estimates and an initial approach to ad creative and targeting. Due to previous campaign performance data, we reserved the majority of their EOY budget for the last week of December. 

Test and Test Again

The ADL has many different ways to tell its story, as well as a strong brand voice. With these considerations in mind, we deployed an EOY campaign that tested various messages, tones and imagery approaches, ranging from data-driven to emotional ads across Facebook. By testing a number of Facebook ad formats— static images ads, video ads, slideshow ads, and carousel ads—we were able to scale budget towards the top-performing ads.  

Supporting the Full Program

From the test-driven and scale-up approach, we were not only able to drive immediate return on ad spending (ROAS), we were also able to provide additional impressions and touchpoints for audiences who converted across other channels like email and paid search. 

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