American Chemical Society

We partnered with ACS, the world’s largest scientific society, to reimagine their approach to marketing. Their goal was straightforward: increase the society’s number of members and the member retention rate. Through a combination of tactics – including email marketing, social media and advertising – our campaigns exceeded ACS’ goal, generating thousands of new Facebook fans and millions of impressions.

Modernize Email Strategy

ACS knew that email marketing was the most direct way to engage with existing and potential new members, but they did not know how to use email effectively. Their emails lacked consistency, visual appeal and strong calls-to-action. Templates were nonexistent, causing a lack of brand identity and recognition amongst their audience. 

Create Consistency To Convert Leads

We audited ACS' existing email marketing process and devised a strategy with the specific goal of driving conversions. This involved the creation of an entirely new email template, designed to emphasize the calls-to-action and display the key messaging with prominence. We also provided ACS with customized "best practices" documentation, which included tactical information and an approach to scheduling emails. This gave ACS the structure and consistency they desperately needed.


ACS was struggling to recruit students through their "Member-Get-A-Member" program. To attract and retain students" attention, we turned to social media and developed a photo contest centered on ACS' most coveted giveaway: the ACS Periodic Table Blanket. We asked fans to share creative photos of their beloved blankets and then vote on their favorites.


Throughout the duration of the photo contest, we continuously monitored interactions, modified messaging and reported on the results. Engagement rates were high - and the campaign succeeded in rallying enthusiasm amongst ACS' members and attracting new members and fans.


In addition to organic social media campaigns, paid media was equally important for ACS’ member recruitment and retention efforts. To drive enrollment, we ran paid Facebook advertisements targeted at chemistry students and professionals. These ads drove to landing pages, which explained member benefits and emphasized the benefits of the ACS community.


In our efforts to reach chemistry students and professionals on Facebook, we succeeded in driving them from their newsfeeds to the ACS enrollment landing pages. In the three-month duration of the campaign, we saw the following results:

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