Since 2008 we have partnered with CapitalSource, a commercial lender for the middle market, to provide strategic guidance and support the company’s corporate vision for growth.

Redesign 1: Showcasing Financial Strength

Engaging in three website redesigns over the span of seven years, our integrated digital strategy, design, content, marketing and technology solutions helped CapitalSource reposition itself and gain a larger foothold in the industry, adapting its online experience as it acquired a commercial bank, and merged with Pacific Western Bank.

In our first redesign engagement, we positioned CapitalSource as a leader in commercial lending and asset management for the middle market by showcasing their financial strength, expertise and vision.

Redesign 2: Bringing in Banking

Upon acquiring a commercial bank that lent further financial stability to CapitalSource, we helped the company launch a website for CapitalSource Bank. The new site extended the CapitalSource brand and visual design elements, while providing messaging targeted to consumers seeking personal investment opportunities.

Redesign 3: Looking Into the Future

Shortly after unifying the CapitalSource and CapitalSource Bank websites into a single platform and online experience, the bank engaged in a merger with Pacific Western Bank. Our challenge was to gracefully phase out CapitalSource Bank, while highlighting business banking solutions offered by Pacific Western Bank.

Content Strategy

In our first engagement we helped CapitalSource solidify its brand and messaging platform through the creation of their tagline “Strength You Can Bank On.” In an effort to help the company position itself in the marketplace, as well as define its suite of lending products, our content strategists conducted extensive research and interviews with executives and product marketing teams. With this comprehensive background information, our copywriters created a complete narrative for CapitalSource focusing on what sets them apart from other commercial lenders.

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