The Conquer Cancer Foundation

The Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF), a partner organization to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), asked us to reinvigorate the social media component of their national Taking Down Cancer campaign.

After an accelerated research and brainstorming period, we launched comprehensive social media campaigns with eye-popping new graphics and fresh copy to increase the foundation’s awareness levels and grow their online community of cancer survivors.

Drive Online Donations

Donations are the lifeblood of the Conquer Cancer Foundation. Through a detailed set of tracking codes, targeting sets, and interest-specific ads, we were able to attract new donors while having the ability to match specific ads to website clicks and completed donations. 

Grow An Audience of Conquerors

To grow an engaged community of cancer survivors and donors, we deployed targeted Like ads with strong imagery and community-focused language. The results were staggering. 

Foster a Community of Survivors

As CCF’s page grew exponentially, we delivered engaging and encouraging content that launched a conversation about taking down cancer. The vulnerability and insights shared with us helped to foster an encouraging community of survivors.

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