Economic Policy Institute

We helped EPI, a major economic think tank, use social media to break down economic inequality issues in plain terms, and show its impact on average Americans.

Our Approach

To achieve the organization’s goals and make sense of the complicated issue of economic equality, we created a strategic and comprehensive four-phased campaign. Each phase focused on important messaging topics and each phase used a various mix of advertising tactics and messaging channels.

Amplifying The Conversation

The campaign's target audience was young adults, passionate about the organization's policies and vision. To reach them, we used a mix of carefully crafted content and targeted online advertisements to engage and inspire them to take action.

The content we deployed was created to not only increase EPI's initiative, it was also to encourage user participation in the ongoing debate.

For advertising, we used a mix of social media channels, paid search and online advertising to enhance the campaign's content.


The Results

We saw an amazing increase in Facebook Fans (up 515%), Facebook engagement (up 1.7k%) and social referral traffic to the website (up 70k%).

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