Envision came to us with a unique challenge: combine six independent brands and two newly merged companies. As a result we also positioned Envision as a thought leader in career and college readiness.

Reimagine and Rebrand

Envision not only needed a new website; they needed an entire new brand and approach.

Strategy & Usability Testing

As usual, our interactive wireframes demonstrated our strategy ideas. Using these working prototypes for usability testing led to several significant interface improvements.

Integrate Social Media

Envision's target audience includes students, so social made perfect sense for the site. For each program, Envision can feature Facebook posts and tweets along with alumni quotes.

Experience Envision

We wanted the site to capture the excitement and purpose provided by Envision programs.

Make Programs Easy to Find

Careful research was done to determine the best pathways to content. We determined that students and parents search for programs a variety of ways, including by grade, by topic and by location. Therefore, the site navigation and program pages allows users to browse content via these various filters.

Get in Touch

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