How do you fight blindness with storytelling?

The goal of the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) is clear and focused: to drive the research behind treating, preventing and curing retinal diseases. We began our work with FFB in November 2018 to drive end-of-year (EOY) digital fundraising success and expand their donor list.

Setting the Stage

Even before we deployed our first email, we collaborated with FFB to tweak the design of their fundraising email template. Stronger calls-to-action complement a more visually engaging design.

Scaling Up, With Urgency

To improve EOY fundraising, we took a more aggressive approach and scaled FFB’s email fundraising efforts with more emails than previous years. Highlighting personal stories helped hit home a simple fact: millions of Americans with retinal diseases will go blind unless answers are found. We also promoted an EOY giving match to improve engagement levels and revenue.

Year-Round Planning

Once the success of EOY was behind us, we collaborated with FFB and our partners to build out a 2019 calendar to establish organizational initiatives, identify key dates and plan our email campaigns. This deliberate, coordinated approach creates an improved donor experience and a more aligned fundraising program. 

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