Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Keppler Speakers has one goal: to make their customers’ events exceptional. To help them achieve and exceed that goal, we created a new website that focuses on user needs and lead generation, dramatically improves SEO, and adds a little sizzle to the Keppler brand.

Now it’s easy to find a great speaker

For Keppler, getting people to the site was half the battle. Our SEO strategy was rooted in the architecture of the new site and considered at the inception of the creative process. We streamlined speaker categories and built a content hierarchy that supports smarter navigation, creating a website that’s more logical for users and for search engines. Once on the site, a powerful internal search aggregates each speaker’s identity along with facets of their expertise and experience. This means a user can find a speaker directly or they can find speakers by common theme—all from the same query! The result? Site visitors can get where they need to go quickly and find a range of options to meet their needs.

Aesthetically pleasing, technically advanced

Nothing’s more satisfying than delivering a beautiful site with smart messaging that excites the client and attracts more customers. But beyond the glitz and glamor of high-profile speakers, is a powerful marketing engine fueled by a Siebel CRM system that’s ready for a post-launch transition to Salesforce. It delivers data the sales team needs to attract new clients and turn one-time customers into long-term relationships.

We took a user-centric approach

Everything we do starts with understanding the needs of each client’s audience. For Keppler, we created a user-focused experience by listening to the needs of their customers. Usability sessions, analytics, and audience research revealed how customers were searching for event speakers. Understanding this, we created a navigation that reflects distinct speaker categories and subcategories, allowing users to browse, quickly and easily, through speakers best suited for their event.

Extraordinary speakers – exceptional brand

We didn’t set out to rebrand Keppler Speakers, but immediately saw the opportunities reinvigorating their messaging and visual brand could create in the marketplace. We conducted a Writing for the Web workshop with their marketing team and copywriters. This enabled us to help Keppler hone their voice, craft compelling headlines, and make sure the brand remained consistent and memorable well after launch. Visually, we emphasized their strong tertiary colors, highlighted dramatic photography, and reflected the angular strength of their logo to project a strong, exciting, and impactful brand.

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