Rails to Trails

We partnered with Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC), a nonprofit dedicated to converting former rail lines into healthy pathways across the country. To RTC, trails are the key to healthier places and healthier people – and it was our job to raise awareness of this cause through visual advertisements.

Use Social Media for Social Change

A critical decision was facing Florida voters. The Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative, also known as Amendment One, could potentially preserve recreational trails and parks for generations to come. RTC wanted to promote this amendment across social media, encouraging voters to take action building a healthier state and healthier lives.

Appeal Visually and Engage Emotionally

RTC needed to do more than advertise, they needed to make waves and encourage their audiences to rally behind a cause. We knew that eye-catching and engaging visuals were critical to both organic and paid social media success. Subsequently, we created a collection of ad concepts that were used as both stand-alone social media ads and organic content. These ads were designed to capture attention, evoke emotion and encourage action.

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