Smithsonian Science Education Center

To achieve its goal of advancing K-8 science education, the Smithsonian Science Education Center needed a Website that could support and engage visitors across a complex buyer’s journey. Interactive Strategies designed their new site to accommodate a range of users, from newcomers to devoted advocates alike, providing the messaging and resources to move them forward in the sales funnel.

Bringing the Brand to Life

With the updated design, we strove to convey the sense of wonder, curiosity and exploration that science evokes. Colorful line drawings and distinctive fonts infuse the site with a playful but sophisticated vibe. Shortened text blocks work in harmony with the graphics to build understanding.

Making the Case

More than just selling science kits, SSEC wants to drive a cultural shift in how elementary and middle schools approach science instruction. We structured the site to provide more context about what is offered and why it matters. We added support for teachers to get funding and implement the new lesson plans. We improved the case study format so educators could better glean the tips and tricks needed to support their efforts.

Making the Sale

Having a commercial mission within a non-profit organization, the SSEC wasn’t used to thinking like a traditional curriculum publisher. Interactive Strategies created new product pages with better use of photos and videos. We shortened and clarified descriptions and summarized key information. We designed clear calls to action. We then gathered the offerings in an updated faceted search featuring a simplified taxonomy and a visual grid of product pictures.

Building Advocates

Beyond the initial sale, the Smithsonian wants to build a movement of educators who advocate for the cause and promote the use of the kits. We helped them position their educator resources for maximum usability—kids games and videos, teacher training events and webinars are categorized and searchable in a friendly resource center. We created a success stories template that lets districts share their stories. We included functionality for users to share their tips and tricks and layered social sharing opportunities throughout the site.

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