The Taxi, Limousine and Paratransit Association (TLPA) came to us with an industry-threatening challenge. Rattled by the growing popularity of rideshare services, the TLPA grew tired of standing in the shadows while Uber and Lyft dominated the media spotlight. It was time to share their side of the story, which we accomplished through a yearlong, multifaceted campaign called, “Who’s Driving You?”

Focus on Issues to Identify Messaging

Faced with a declining reputation and increased competition, the TLPA was ready to change the national conversation surrounding rideshare services. They wanted the public to understand that Uber and Lyft are not held to the same safety regulations as taxis, resulting in: questionable background checks, inadequate insurance coverage, controversial surge pricing, unethical driver treatment and threats to privacy. It was our goal to identify which of these issues best resonated with the TLPA's audience, and then adjust the campaign messaging accordingly.

Test, Refine and Amplify Campaign

At the start of the campaign, the TLPA was focused on messaging that mattered to the industry. They wanted to promote the legal and ethical issues that stemmed from a lack of consistent regulations amongst taxis and rideshare services. The problem? None of this mattered to public. It was time to get aggressive, to demand attention by addressing the most pertinent issues facing passengers.  

Listen Socially to Uncover Stories

This campaign's best messaging concepts stemmed from being reactive; we took the time to listen to rideshare passengers, to understand their concerns and monitor patterns in their complaints. Through attentive social listening, we uncovered passengers' biggest issues with ridesharing, and used these issues to position taxi services in a more positive light.

Leverage SEO and Social Media to Shift the Conversation

We learned that passengers were frustrated with surge pricing, falling victim to the controversial business model during moments of vulnerability. To leverage this frustration, we used SEO and the viral power of social media, blog posts and video - incorporating hard-hitting data and poignant language to capture the audience's attention and propel them to learn more about the issues with ridesharing and the benefits of traditional taxis.

Drive CPC Down and Impressions Up

To ensure that the campaign reached the right audience, we used paid search and geo-targeted advertisements across Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords. In addition to targeting by region, we customized these ads to reach segmented groups of our audience, including: riders, drivers, government officials, regulators and members of the press. This helped the TLPA get the most out of a limited budget, as we were careful to target ads related to insurance coverage to drivers and ads related to surge pricing to passengers. In other words, the audience only received sponsored content if the topic or issue related to their specific needs. This approach reduced our cost per click to 30 cents, saving budget and increasing impressions.

Continue to Engage and Measure Metrics

The "Who's Driving You?" campaign continues to engage with its target audience and achieve meaningful results. Here are some of the most recent campaign metrics:

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