Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

We partner with Touchstone Energy, a national network of more than 750 electric co-ops, to engage its members at a local level—to make them feel like they are part of something bigger, something uniquely homegrown.

An Idea Was Born

Sometimes great ideas just happen. An early collaboration led to ideas on a whiteboard and an immediate winner. Our campaign was simple: ask people, “Who powers you?” Then offer incentive for participation—not for those entering the contest—but for those nominated. The #WhoPowersYou campaign is an annual contest designed to honor inspirational co-op members and elevate awareness around the great work these co-ops are doing in their communities.

Powering the Contest

The campaign hub was a contest microsite that served to collect contest submissions while creating a viral opportunity that reached millions. Site visitors were encouraged to read and share stories, then vote on their favorites.

Engaging at the Local Level

To enhance campaign effectiveness and consistency, we armed 750+ local electric co-ops with a contest playbook that included email and marketing templates, schedules, and messaging options. In addition to a targeted national campaign, this helped promote and amplify the contest—ensuring success and deepening its authenticity.

Real-time Campaign Enhancement

To generate contest awareness and submissions in a thoughtful, efficient manner, we launched a scaled, three-phase social advertising campaign. The campaign flight plan allowed us to increase investment in higher performing audiences and boost or modify messaging as insights were gathered. Over the course of the contest, we were able to refine our targeting approach and dramatically increase engagement through several tactics including the creation of lookalike audiences and leveraging audience networks.

National Numbers for a Community Movement

As a third-annual contest, #WhoPowersYou grew exponentially. 2018 saw greater engagement through implementing the lessons learned from the previous years, as well as greater involvement from local co-ops. Even with its popularity growth, the contest maintained a grassroots, small town feel that really resonated with the Touchstone Energy audience and brought to light some incredibly powerful stories.

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