World Wildlife Fund

Thousands of WWF scientists working around the globe on animal research initiatives needed a platform for sharing information. We responded with The Learning Exchange, based on Totem, our proprietary Drupal community platform.

Build a Community of Scientists

The World Wildlife Fund created the Learning Exchange Network because it needed an online environment for scientists around the world to share their research and resources in a secure and easy-to-use setting. We customized Totem, our very own community platform built on Drupal.

Encourage Discussions

The heart of the Learning Exchange is idea sharing. Scientists build relationships with colleagues through discussion threads, commenting and private messaging. Automatic activity notifications also ensure the conversations stay active.

Encourage Idea Sharing

Learning Exchange scientists can post documents, share images, promote events and engage in topic-based discussions. They can also view recent community activity. And because the Learning Exchange is all about community, users can comment on all activity as it happens.

Find Common Interests

With Totem, we gave WWF staff the tools to easily and quickly build an unlimited number of communities where they can connect scientists around common interests, geography or topic. In addition, each community can have granular permissions to provide as much (or as little) access to other members.

Provide Global Resources

WWF also needed to share some resources to all users regardless of community. Therefore, we created a universally accessible resource library that allows WWF to provide a range of documents and information - from policy documents to grant opportunities.

Showcase Personal Profiles

We enabled customizable user profiles so that Learning Exchange users can describe themselves and their research areas. The system will also automatically show a users most recent discussions and contributions. Think of it as each user's personal dashboard.

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